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Our Philosophy

Advertising is about communication and building brand integrity. 

We believe that good design creates connections. These connections are developed by communicating your story in a relevant and accessible way. Your logo, business card and website say something about your brand and tell your customers something about you. Advertising Enterprises will work with you to develop long-standing concepts that reinforce your brand and target your audience.

As we work together to build your brand, we will conduct market research to discover how your audience perceives your brand. Even a well executed idea can miss the mark when it's not the right solution to your needs. Advertising Enterprises is committed to helping you do business.

To do this, we strongly believe:
  • bells and whistles should be used very thoughtfully...if at all
  • content will win your customer every time
  • web sites should be built intuitively, so that the customer knows exactly where they are going and how to get back to where they were 
  • there's more than just pretty graphics that make a web site. The code behind the site must be maximized if your site is to show up in the search engines. Your site must be written correctly, with content showing up in the proper places
  • for the best possible marketing solution, it is advisable to integrate your web into your overall marketing plan. If you plan on throwing up a web site with the expectations that people will flock to it and you'll become a millionaire overnight, it just won't happen. You will need to drive traffic to your site one way or another.
If you choose a web design firm with no marketing expertise, you are setting yourself up for failure. The firm you choose must know how your customer interacts with a site, how to write copy effectively for direct response, how to maximize the marketing of your site after it goes on-line and must have the technical knowledge to assure you of a site that is always up, always on, and always working to build your business.

Let us show you how differently we approach your project. It will be time well spent.
Our Story

Advertising Enterprises was founded in 2005 with the customer in mind. AE provides businesses and organizations with traditional and alternative methods of marketing. Advertising Enterprises is building strong community connections through brand awareness and social media.

Tim grew up in Howard County. He has 9 years of web design and advertising experience. He has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Towson University.
About Us / This is Tim & This is Amber
Amber grew up in Prince Georges County. She has 7 years of copy writing experience and 3 years of web design experience. She has a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism and New Media from Towson University.

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